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  • Don’t get stuck paying the high rates featured by Square
  • Now you can take mobile payments anytime, anywhere with SwipeSimple
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Although mobile payments are becoming more and more common, not all mobile processors are alike. If a Mobile Payments Solution is right for you and your business, Real Merchant Solutions can provide the SwipeSimple app and credit card readers to turn your smartphone or tablet into a full blown, mobile point of sale system.

Mobile credit card processing solutions make it easy for your business to accept credit cards and be able to take your business directly to your customers. With Mobile Payment Solutions, you’ll be able to increase revenue, expand your customer base, and increase market reach.

SwipeSimple is a powerful Mobile App that works on Apple and Android phones and tablets and features:

  • Fast and easy checkoutSwipe Simple Reader
    Set up purchases in seconds, and take card and cash payments quickly. Your customers sign and tip on your mobile device, and receive receipts through text or email.
  • Track your transactions on the go
    View all your past transactions in detail on your device. From here, you can perform voids, refunds, and re-send receipts to your customers
  • Inventory tracking and management Add, remove, and edit item details. Any updates you make are synced to all your other SwipeSimple POS terminals and web dashboard in real time.

SwipeSimple combines A simple Credit Card Reader with Powerful POS software:

  • Swipe Simple Pliug in ReaderProtects sensitive data Our readers encrypt data before it enters the device, thus protecting sensitive card and personal data.
  • Rugged and easy to handle These readers are built to last. They fasten securely to your device’s audio jack. No charger or batteries needed
  • Widely compatible The SwipeSimple readers work on both iOS and Android,
    and support both tablets and smartphones.

A simple and elegant Web Dashboard lets you run your Business more effectively

The Swipe Simple Web Dashboard

  • Understand your customers: Know what sells well (and not so much), at what times, dates and locations. Powerful reporting tools to help you make better decisions.
  • Get key insights at a glance: The visual dashboard gives you the most important information you need right
    away, synced in real time.
  • Use your data as you like: Easily export your data in CSV format, so you can use it with your favorite accounting software.

Includes Inventory Tracking and Management

Swipe Simple Inventory Tracking and Management

  • Keep yourself updated: Get insight into your inventory wherever you are, with real-time updates on the status and quantity of each item.
  • Full inventory control: Quickly edit item details, name, SKU, price, quantity and tax. Easily add new items, and sort them for easy access.
  • All your devices, synced: Any updates you make will be synced to all your devices immediately, and back to your web dashboard

One Place to Manage Your Business

Swipe Simple Business Management

  • Get your team started on taking payments quickly: Easily create multiple log-ins for your staff and locations, with SwipeSimple’s fast onboarding process.
  • Manage all your payment settings: Toggle and edit taxes, tips, and signatures for all your terminals and accounts, with one log in.
  • Create and send custom receipts: Create customized receipts with your own brand messaging, and send them through text or email.

Great for any Business. Perfect for Fast Growing Companies.

Swipe Simple Business Management

  • SwipeSimple grows with your business: Our multi-merchant and multi-user features mean that you can quickly and easily expand the number of stores, locations, point-of-sale terminals and users in your SwipeSimple account.
  • Flawlessly manage multiple payment terminals: Easily switch within stores, locations and users, to start taking payments for each of them
  • Track and manage data for each of your stores and employees:
    Track and manage data for sales, inventory and more for each of your stores and employees in real-time, from your mobile device and web dashboard.

Swipe Simple Pairs Perfectly with Your Business

Swipe Simple Pairs Perfectly with your Business

Compare Swipe Simple Side by Side with SquareCompare Swipe Simple with Square

Now you won’t be tied to a storefront or your customers’ lack of cash. With features like email receipts with Google Maps™,  customizable inventory management, real-time reporting, and 24/7 support, this is the kind of Mobile Payments Solution you need for your growing business.

Do you have agents or repairmen in the field? Now instead of billing customers or taking checks, your staff can take advantage of breakthrough mobile payment technology to do the work and get  paid before they leave the site.

The SwipeSimple mobile payment solution also include advanced fraud protection to help ensure the safety and security of each transaction. Card data is never stored on the phone, the app or the card reader, so whether you choose to swipe or key in a transaction, all personal information is protected.

SwipeSimple is Feature Rich. You can:

  • View real-time transaction reports from most recent to last month to your top selling items
  • Create reports with custom date ranges
  • Use search tool to view individual transactions
  • Set up default tip and tax percentages
  • Add discounts by dollar amount or percentage
  • Allow customers to select their own tip amounts
  • Turn on Geo Tax to automatically calculate the tax rate based on your current location
  • Email or print receipts for sales, refunds, and voids
  • Google Maps™ allow customers to see where the transaction took place
  • Set up inventory of items and services in a matter of minutes
  • Sort inventory by alphabetical order, price, or date added for easy access
  • Insert pictures from your photo library or take your own
  • Link multiple card readers to one merchant account
  • 24/7 support from trained representatives who will guide you through any questions you might have regarding your account, the app or the card reader

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