Processing Professionals…
shouldn’t you really be a

merchant advocate?

merchant advocacy, not just merchant processing.

Whether you are new to the industry or already have experience as a Merchant Services Sales Agent, you should be talking to us.

First things first. Real Merchant Solutions (RMS) is not a processor: Because we are an independent organization with a commitment to Merchant Advocacy, our allegiance is to our clients and our agents. If you’ve been out there, you know what goes on: the outrageous costs, the billing schemes, the termination fees, the bogus leases. You also know that almost every business has to take credit cards. Now you can be more than just a merchant services sales agent by signing on as a Merchant Advocate. That’s the opportunity.

Merchant Advocates work with business owners to provide the services they have to have at a fair price. We don’t work with just one processing company: we work with an assortment of America’s best providers, and therefore none of our partners require termination fees, or sell, rent or lease equipment. If all the merchant needs is a simple terminal, it is always provided without cost.

Terminals and processing accounts are just the beginning. 

Time was, a Merchant Services Sales Agent just had to beat the competition’s rates, replace or reprogram the merchant’s terminal, and then hope that the account would stay put long enough to make the residuals worthwhile, however, that’s all changed. The merchants are smarter (we want them to be). The competition is stiffer. Every business watches their bottom line closely. As an RMS Merchant Advocate and merchant services sales agent, you’ll have the opportunity to make a fair return on your efforts while becoming a trusted adviser to your clients.

You’ll gain expertise with a full suite of services your clients will appreciate. Merchant Advocates are able to offer best in class POS and PMS systems, website design and management, internet marketing services, remote IT support,  and even tax assistance and audit protection services.

RMS agents quickly become true resources for their clients.

As an RMS Merchant Advocate, you’ll do good by doing well. Because you will be able to offer so many different products and services, your earnings potential is virtually unlimited. Ambitious full-timers can expect to earn over $60,000 their first year. After that, many earn $100,000 their second year, and much more thereafter. Part-timers such as retirees or students can work at a leisurely pace and easily earn over $20,000 their first year and over $35,000 their second year.

Best of all, by become a Real Merchant Solutions merchant services sales agent and Merchant Advocate, you’ll be creating an ongoing, lifetime revenue stream that will continue to reward you handsomely for many years after you stop generating new sales, even if you move to the other side of the world.

That revenue will always be yours. In addition:

  • Don’t worry if you have no experience with Merchant Processing: if you want a new opportunity that will let you chart your own future, then you should become an RMS Merchant Advocate.
  • Have experience with Business to Business sales or selling Credit Card services? Want to work with a company that truly cares about their clients and their agents, then you should become an RMS Merchant Advocate and merchant services sales agent.
  • Ready to move beyond just selling merchant services and get in on the exploding opportunity of Cash Discounting? Then you should become an RMS Merchant Advocate.
  • Want to be able to have multiple “best-in-class” processors to choose from when placing an account, or leading technology partners to work with, then you should become an RMS Merchant Advocate.
  • Attracted by up-front bonuses and lifetime residuals on every available revenue stream without hidden reserves or questionable accounting procedures? You should become an RMS Merchant Advocate.

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Do well by doing good.

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