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  • Cash Discounting lets you forget expensive monthly charges. Accept credit cards for as little as $49.95 a month, no matter what your total volume is.
  • For credit card customers, a small service fee is added to each transaction during checkout, just like at gas stations and the water company.  
  • Call today to find out how this would work for your business!

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Use Cash Discounting to Reduce Credit Card Fees and Save Thousands!

It happens every month: that big withdrawal from your checking account that goes to your merchant processor. 2%, 21/2%, 3% or more. Hundreds or even thousands of dollars. A few days later the statement comes in the mail, rubbing salt in the wound. What are all those charges? Cash Discounting is the way to eliminate them.

If you’re tired of paying hefty interchange fees, and want a way to accept credit cards without those crushing monthly charges, Cash Discount Processing from Real Merchant Solutions is just the answer you’re looking for. Authorized by the 2010 Durbin Amendment, watch the video above and learn the details of this turnkey solution provided through our partnership with Merchant Bancard Network, a preferred processor.

It really couldn’t be simpler. At checkout your terminal will automatically add a small service fee onto your customers’ bill. If your customer pays with cash, check or gift card, this fee is then deducted from their receipt. Any fees that are collected are automatically applied to your credit card bill saving you thousands of dollars every month.

What will all this cost you? You won’t be paying processing fees ever again. Instead, you’ll just be charged modest monthly subscription fees of between $49.95 and $79.95. That’s it. Of course, you can cancel at anytime without fees or penalties.

Here’s What You’ll Get From Us


Try our Cash Discount Program with your customers and you’ll get FREE Plug and Play Equipment. Best of all, there’s never a long term contract!

Legally Vetted

Our cash discount program is 100% legal and allows you to finally benefit from the same laws others have been taking advantage of for years.

Save Thousands

By adding a small line item to your customer’s bill you’ll save your business thousands in yearly processing fees.

Russell Halley

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