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  • Integrity Payment Systems’ EasyPay can help you take care of recurring payments easily and painlessly, while smoothing out monthly cash flow in the process.
  • Use these micro deductions to put aside money to pay franchise fees, taxes, key vendors, or even reduce debt by catching up on a past due account.
  • The Merchant Advocates at Real Merchant Solutions can explain all the details, and get you on track to never be caught short of cash again

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Smart merchants have discovered how to use EasyPay to smooth out cash flow!

Now you can use your Merchant Account to put money aside to be sure you have what you need to pay bills at the end of every month. Because one of our preferred processing partners, Integrity Payment Systems is a direct settlement institution, and actually handles the settlement of funds from your merchant account, at your direction they can take the daily batch of Visa/MC/Discover card transactions and set a small percentage aside for you to use in taking care of virtually any recurring payments.

Integrity has created this service as part of their suite of their Value Added Cash Management tools. Many business owners find that putting aside such a small percentage is painless, much like saving pocket change, but the benefits to cash flow can be enormous!

EasyPay Success Stories

Auto Merchant, Cathedral City, CA

“I had an outstanding balance with the IRS. Desperate to relieve my debt I turned to Integrity. Integrity set me up for EasyPay and in only 8 months I had the IRS balance paid in full! I have since redirected the Integrity EasyPay amount into another checking account and have been painlessly saving for the past year.”

Restaurant Owner, Ruleville, MS

“I started using Integrity EasyPay to save a percentage of my daily processing into a separate checking account to save for my mortgage payment. Now only a portion of my mortgage comes from my pocket. The rest I pay with Integrity EasyPay and I don’t have to worry about it.”


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