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  • A real fundraiser that doesn’t require your school or organization to buy or sell anything
  • Local businesses help generate revenue at no cost to them
  • A source of passive, long term revenue which costs supporters nothing, but contributes real dollars on a continuing basis.

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Does your high school football team need new cleats, shoulder pads, football helmets or jerseys? Does your community organization or local Chamber of Commerce need a new source of funding to continue the good work you do? Are you a parent at an elementary school that needs money for arts and music programs? Here’s how to begin ongoing, passive fundraising without sales or donations that generates real revenue!

 Working with one of our premier processing partners, Integrity Payment Systems, Real Merchant Solutions is proud to feature the innovative Gift Program to help earn real fundraising dollars. We partner with your school or local community organization to donate a portion of the revenue earned directly to your cause at no additional cost to you or the businesses that participate.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Business owners in your community already pay fees every month to their credit card processing company. Real Merchant Solutions and Integrity Payment Systems will match what business owners are currently paying.
  2. Each month, Real Merchant Solutions will donate 35% of our own monthly profit to the cause you designate.
  3. Your school or organization receives recurring, monthly fundraising dollars to pay for equipment, underwrite new programs, or use in any way you choose.

Business owners are already spending this money for credit card processing, and with this Gift Program there are no additional costs for them or their customers. With the Gift Program, part of what that business already spends will support local programs for the schools or organizations in your community on a monthly basis, for as they continue processing with Integrity.

As an example, with the funds generated from Integrity’s Gift program, the Abilene High School football team purchased new workout equipment for the school’s gym, including helmets, jerseys, weights and exercise machines. Merchants partnering with Integrity’s Gift, like Barr Roofing Company in Abilene also realized real benefits because their customers care about their city and kids. Local businesses benefit because local customers want to support their cause. The Integrity Gift sticker in the window of a store tells the customer that the business is supporting the community, and helps drive traffic to participating businesses.

It’s a smart move for the school or organization, and it’s just as smart for business owners.

It’s Easy to Get Started:

  1. The school or community organizations doesn’t buy or sell anything. Instead, we partner with local businesses who sign up for payment processing services from Integrity Payment Systems. The business pays nothing to enroll, and after matching current card processing rates, Real Merchant Solutions donates 35% of its own net revenue every month!
  2. Schools and Organizations earn recurring revenue – not a one time gift. Instead of repeating one fundraiser after another, the organization gets a regular monthly report and deposit to their designated account that keeps growing as more businesses participate. As a result, the financial potential of this program far exceeds most every other fundraiser.
  3. The Gift Program is Good for Business! Local customers like supporting local businesses, and the Gift Program lets them know which stores and businesses are participating. Its free for the local business, which already pays to process their customer credit cards, and Real Merchant Solutions and Integrity Payment Systems match their current rates, so they pay nothing additional.

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