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  • Why wait for your money? Get’s today’s receipts in your account tomorrow morning, available for immediate withdrawal.
  • Let the merchant advocates at Real Merchant Solutions explain how easy it is to get true next day funding with Overnight Money Express 

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Most merchant accounts feature traditional second day funding, which means that Thursday’s receipts show up in your account on Monday; Friday and Saturday aren’t deposited until Tuesday; and because Sunday’s deposits are processed on Monday, those funds don’t hit your account until Wednesday. That can be a long time to wait. True Next Day Funding with Overnight Money Express from Integrity Payment Systems can cut that wait significantly.

Most processors take days to make your funds from credit card transactions available for your use. A few offer next day funding but often those funds are just “posted” to your account and not really available for your immediate use. With  Integrity Payment Systems’ Overnight Money Express cash flow solution, merchants can receive the money from credit card and PIN debit transactions the next business morning without changing where they bank. On weekends, funds from Friday, Saturday and even Sunday transactions can be available for your use Monday morning!

Next day funding means not just deposited or posted, but actually available in your account for withdrawal.

Retailers and restaurant owners, know that cash flow is a often their primary concern. Waiting for deposits from credit card and PIN debit transactions can be more than inconvenient… it can cost you! Some examples:

• Paying a bill late means also paying a late fee.
• Not being able to accept a delivery could mean loss of revenue.
• Sometimes a repair person needs to be called and your business is affected – you have the money but it isn’t available.

How fast can you get your money? With Integrity Payment Systems Money Express it’s in the bank … Tomorrow morning!

When the funds from your Friday and weekend credit card and PIN debit transactions are not deposited into your merchant account until Tuesday or Wednesday, or when weekday sales are not available the next morning, it can cause you headaches you don’t need. Overnight Money Express is a new technology-based service, exclusively from Integrity Payment Systems. It’s part of their suite of Value Added Cash Manager tools services, created to help business owners solve their most common business problems.


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