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If you own a business in Charlottesville Virginia, your customers will usually by using credit and debit cards. As checks are used less and less frequently, virtually all consumers purchases are being made by plastic. In other words, the cashless society we’ve heard about for decades is almost fully upon us. The question is therefore, what’s the best way for your business to arrange for affordable Charlottesville Credit Card Processing Services?

ICharlottesville Credit Card Processing t’s easy to get your business set up to accept credit cards, but there can be consequences if you choose the wrong partner. For instance, if all you’re going to need is a simple credit card terminal, never buy or rent equipment. No legitimate processing company should ever ask that of you. Above all, the days when merchants were required to sign three year contracts and pay Termination Fees should be long gone. This is something a merchant should never agree to. If you do accept either of these “requirements”, you will regret it.

Your Bank is just a Middleman

If you want affordable Charlottesville Credit Card Processing services, it may seem logical to ask your banker for help. Almost all of them can set you up, but  in most cases, their banks are not the actual processors. Instead, the bank is really a middleman, which adds an extra layer of expense that you’ll have to pay for. In Charlottesville, Sun Trust and Bank of America are among the worst offenders. Businesses with monthly sales of $100,000 can easily pay an extra $10,000 to $15,000 or more annually than is necessary.

In addition, it’s also important to match your business with the proper pricing model.  As an example, a quick service restaurant that does a large number of small ticket transactions should work with their processor to lower the transaction fee and should generally avoid accepting pin debit charges. Conversely, a business with a high average sale like a tire shop but that does far fewer sales should follow a different strategy.

Your Merchant Advocate

It’s always a good idea to work with an unbiased expert. When searching for affordable Charlottesville Credit Card Processing services, look to Real Merchant Solutions. Our company  is not a processing company, however we are Merchant Advocates, Our Advocates can present options from several of the largest and most well thought of processors in the country. You’ll always be given a full menu of choices without contracts or equipment charges, and if you need other services like a POS system, Website Design and Management, Remote IT support or critical Data Storage services, they can help.

If your business already accepts credit cards, but you know you don’t have a very good deal or just want to see if you could do better with affordable Charlottesville Credit Card Processing services. Just give our office a call at 800-551-0850, ext 21, or click the button below. You’ll have a local Merchant Advocate to look after your best interests and be sure you receive the service and pricing you’re entitled to.


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