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If you own a pizzeria, you already know that its not all fun, laughs and tomato sauce. Its one thing to run a pizza shop but operating one that’s successful can be a challenge. If you’re in charge you’re responsible for sales, marketing, vendors, finance, ingredients, payroll and most importantly, making the best pizza in town. To really compete, you probably already know, deep down, that you need to look at POS systems for pizza shops. If you already have a first generation system that you paid big bucks for, you may be realizing that its about time you moved to a state of the art system.

The problem is that there are just so many choices. Make a good choice and your business will grow, improve, become more efficient, and generate more profits. Get stuck with the wrong system, and it can be a bad decision you’ll pay for in years to come, can disrupt your business, and actually make things harder.

pizzaOf course, any good POS system designed for a restaurant should have the ability to send orders to a kitchen printer, combined with basic features like table layouts, split checks, and inventory management. But ordering pizza can be a complicated process. There are so many different toppings, substitutions, modifiers, crusts and sizes to price and prepare, as well as requests for extra cheese, banana peppers, and deletions to accomodate. POS systems for pizza shops have to be able to handle all those variations.

Avoid dumb cheap and stupid expensive

When choosing POS Systems for pizza stops, some stores will make the mistake of thinking they need an expensive, high end, legacy product, with features  that can run prices up as high as $7,000 and even $10,000 a station. These machines also tend to have inflexible software designs and require expensive annual updates. This is a dying business model, because the performance of the new, lean and powerful products leave the pricy, old school models in the dust, and for just a fraction of the price. The new breed also bypasses the cranky local server system for easy but reliable access to the cloud. No more hard drives to go bad or lurking IT disasters.

On the other extreme, sometimes a new or very frugal owner will yield to the temptation to go with a “free” system or one close to that price. Of course, things of value are rarely free, and these cut rate systems can have costly monthly and annual fees, and are often welded to a credit card processor with expensive rates. Worse, these products may lack essential functionality, and can actually make the job harder. A free system is often a costly mistake.

Equally important is to choose a company that will set you up, train you and hold your hand till you’re flying solo. The cheap systems may make you setup your own menus, or install and configure your network on your own. Your savings may get traded for hours and days of software adventures and become your new, part time job. You need to choose a partner that understands that the equipment you buy will be intimately connected to your business, used every day by you and your staff and relied upon by your customers. Most importantly, the system you choose will be the custodian of your cash and should generate business intelligence to help you work smarter.

POS System options to insist on

Caller ID Integration: Pizza is one of America’s favorite meals that is ordered by phone for customer pickup or store delivery. With caller ID integration, you can recognize your customers as soon as the call is connected, and display their name, address and order history right on the screen. Knowing what a customer has ordered in the past can help your staff suggest upsells in line with their order history and increase the average ticket size. Also, because you already have so much information at hand, calls go much quicker as staff need only confirm the details. Of course, customers like being considered regulars and appreciate the personalized service.pizza pos systems

Mapping: When you take advantage of Caller ID Integration, you’ll know where your customers are and whether they are in your delivery area. If the are, map it for your deliveryman so you can get him out and back as quickly as possible.

Test and Email Marketing: Collect cell phone numbers and email addresses and you can create powerful remarketing messages tailored to your best customer’s. Create coupons to send out with just a few keystrokes and lift sales on slow days. Send text message offers to stay in synch with your younger market. While you build and expand your customer base, you can mine your greatest asset for increased profits: your loyal and satisfied customers.

Quickbooks integration and Reporting: By their nature, Pizza Shops process a great many transactions, and the wrong POS system can require tedious data entry to export data and get meaningful reports from Quicken or other accounting software. Also, when considering POS systems for pizza shops, be sure that the system you choose offers a rich menu of reports and the ability to sift the data to better understand your business. Get instant reporting on what’s selling, what’s making you money and what isn’t, profits on individual items, on lunches and dinners. 

Payroll and Employee Management: One of the biggest expenses for pizzerias are payroll costs. With the right POS system, you’ll know exactly who comes in when and when they log out. If six staff members using a casual time system pad their time by just five minutes at the start and end of each shift, on average, that hour a day would mean a loss of $3,650 a year for a shop that pays $10 an hour and is open every day of the year. A POS system equipped to log employees can pay for itself quickly when equipped with this valuable functionality. Also, by reviewing reports, the shop owner can pinpoint when to add staff and when to cut back, all leading to greater profitability and efficiency. Of course, passing data to your bookkeeper or payroll service to generate paychecks is very quick and easy.

Regular Software Updates and Customer Service: This is your business: you can’t be held hostage to a company that takes their time with pricey annual updates. You need updates as things change, downloaded to your system just like your iphone or windows machine does. Also, for those times when you need help, be sure that access to 24/7/365 US based customer service is part of the deal.

Remote Access:  If you’re lucky, you’ll get time off. Think you’ll want to check in? Be sure you can manage your operation using just your smart phone or tablet. Check sales, employees, inventory and revenue, all while you take that well deserved time off.

Choosing the right POS system for your pizza shop may be one of the important investments in equipment you’ll make. If you choose wisely, your POS system will help you increase your sales, reduce your costs and increase your profits, all while eliminating tedium. 

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