“What’s the rate?” is not the only question you should ask when considering a new merchant processor.  Sure, we can find your business a great processor to provide Merchant Services that will match your needs and process your transactions at a fair price, but that’s not all you should expect. Depending on your needs, we can provide you with a lot more.

Merchant Services to make your business grow

Gift Cards

They’re everywhere and should be part of your Merchant Processing Solution. Every major merchant offers them, and you even see them on racks at grocery stores. If your business isn’t cashing in on this explosive way to increase your bottom line, you’re leaving money on the table. Piles of it…
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Mobile Payment Solutions

Accepting Credit Cards has never been easier. Although this processing method is becoming more and more common, not all mobile processors are alike. If a Mobile Payment Solution is right for you and your business, we can provide free apps and free credit card readers to turn your smartphone or tablet into a full blown mobile point of sale system.
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Check Processing Solutions

There was a time when Americans used checks to pay most of their bills and many of the items they bought while shopping. You may be aware that checks are used less and less, but it may surprise you to know that checks have already been phased out in some European countries, and the U.K. plans to eliminate all check clearing operations by the year 2018. How long will their use survive in the United States, and what does this mean for merchants and merchant processing?
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Merchant Cash Advances

Sometimes a business just needs to raise cash fast, and we all know how prickly the banks can be. Now your merchant processing can give you access to a credit card advance account to get cash loans based on your business’ future credit card and debit card sales, when you need it.
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Multi Merchant Processing

Some businesses such as hair or nail salons, medical practices or professional offices exist in a Multi Merchant processing environment. With the right terminal and right merchant processing account, transactions for multiple accounts can be a breeze.
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